Powers of Minus Ten – Cells and Genetics

Powers of Minus Ten – Cells and Genetics

Explore the human hand and the basic biology behind it

Budding biologists will enjoy exploring all this app has to offer. Zoom in on a human hand, and take a scientific tour of the cells and genetics that help make us who we are. Start by zooming into the skins surface, and delve further to discover cells, cell parts, mitosis, DNA replication, translation and transcription.

Fun and educational, this app is great to share with the whole family, particularly children of school age. You can sit down and discover together the interesting biology facts on an iPhone, or even better, a larger iPad screen. Built like a game, you can also collect points when opting to interact with an area, although there are no end rewards or quizzes, so collecting points will simply show how thoroughly you have explored the hand’s cells and genetics.

This interactive app is extremely easy to use, and has been very well designed. Responding quickly to touch, you can zoom in and out with ease, or use the zoom bar along the side to jump quickly between layers.

It’s not an overly expensive app purchase, but you are limited to just touring the human hand. It is, however, a good start to what could become a great scientific series. The app also has the promise of exploring molecules in future.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great scientific app that can be discovered as a family. Download, zoom in, and explore what your hand is made of.