Portfolio Pro for iPad

Portfolio Pro for iPad

Create a professional collection of your work in minutes

The sleek nature of the iPad and its high-resolution screen mean that presenting with the device is something that everyone should consider, even if you’re not in a creative profession. The ease with which you can upload all the relevant images and information thanks to cloud services like Dropbox makes the entire process more accessible than ever.

This idea is typified by Portfolio Pro for iPad, which appears to have taken every difficulty out of portfolio creation, through its simple interface and functionality that reduces the entire process to just a few taps and no more than ten minutes of groundwork. The app’s success is down to its simplicity.

Triple-tap on the home screen to enter the edit mode, and from here you can import photos not only to add to your portfolios, but also to create a slideshow for the app’s home screen to personalise things a little more. The uploading process itself is very straightforward, thanks to quick links with both Flickr and Dropbox, as well as being able to upload from your iPad’s Photo Library.

The intuitive nature of the app makes this entire process nothing more than a few taps, where you can name a gallery and give it a description. If you want to rename anything, including individual images, you can do so at any point by using the triple-tap function to enter Edit mode, and then tapping the pencil icon on your desired photo.

Of course, it might not be just images you need to upload, and Portfolio Pro fully supports videos so you can seamlessly integrate them into your galleries alongside images and PDFs showing off your work. It is not until you’ve started to upload and organise galleries that the effortless simplicity of Portfolio Pro starts to hit you. The on-screen icons are kept to a minimum so you’re never overwhelmed or frantic about what to do next. The app is pieced together so well that everything seems to flow from beginning to end. There are no image editing features, unlike some portfolio apps, but then you don’t really need them as this is supposed to be the presentation medium for your work as opposed to an editing suite. You have control over how your presentation flows by virtue of the slideshow timer tool that appears around the play icon when you tap an image in full screen mode. You can also edit the appearance of your presentation through the Settings bar, which contains an eye-opening number of visual tweaks you can make. For an app that appears quite rigid in terms of interface, you can personalise your work quickly and with ease. It’s possible to change the colour scheme of individual portfolios, as well as the font and the various features of each separate section of text within a presentation.

Personalisation is something that can really make your creation on Portfolio Pro stand out when you present it, and on the Galleries homepage you can drop in crucial extra details like a logo, web address and description of the portfolio.

In a sense you can create an in-depth digital business card from scratch, all within a few minutes of first opening the app. The real kick you will get from using Portfolio Pro is that you don’t need a tutorial to grab what the app does and how to get the most from it. The interface is simple and intuitive enough to lead you through the different processes with minimal fuss, and it is refreshing to see a creative app not try to overcomplicate things by going all-out in terms of features. Portfolio Pro knows what it wants to be – a presentation tool to help you stand out when going for a job interview or pitching for something important. The gesture system makes the app easy to navigate, with swipes and taps moving you between the limited number of screens and modes.

Everything is kept to a core number of areas, speeding up and simplifying every aspect of using the app, whether it be because you need to create a winning portfolio, or just a solid slideshow viewer for your multimedia files.

Rated 5 out of 5

An elegant yet incredibly easy way to create portfolios of your work.