Popagraph Review

Popagraph Review

Popagraph Review

Apply magic masks and 3D effects to your iPhone images with this snappy photo editing app

So-called ‘phonegraphers’ are always looking for a new effect to apply to pictures of their dinner so they can share on Twitter and Instagram – and PopAGraph offers a small trick to make images really dazzle.

Apply two different effects to an image, so that a selected area – such as a bright red hat – is in colour, while the background is in black and white. The process can be inverted so the hat is monochrome or treated with another filter, giving it the appearance that it is hand-drawn or blurred.

You can also apply borders to images so that they resemble retro Polaroids, but with the selected area jumping out of the border, adding a subtle 3D effect. Apply one or more frames to an image and you can create something truly unique with only partial areas of the original image visible. See the image on the right for an example.

The process of creating a PopAGraph is easily achieved thanks to a sidebar step-by-step and very helpful automated reminders about gesture controls. Pinch zoom allows you to go deep into the image, work on it in real detail and stay within contour lines, using different shaped brush tools to mask the area you want to cover.

You can even change the colour of your mask to help you distinguish it from your photo’s background. However, while you have an ‘Undo’ button to correct mistakes, if you accidentally take one finger off the touch screen while pinch zooming, it is all too easy to streak either your mask or the eraser tool all over an unwanted area.

There are few downsides to this free download. Beyond four simple filters and the choice of a black or white frame, the majority of effects are locked behind a paywall. It only costs £1.49/$1.99 to upgrade, and without it the app loses some of its sparkle. You can also only work on one photo at a time, so if you’re halfway through a project and have a great idea for another, you’ll need to delete what you’re currently working on.

Rated 4 out of 5

Crisp and simple; another weapon in the iPhonegrapher’s arsenal. Although without the in-app payments, it doesn’t have the same punch.