Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes

Take to the skies with NimbleBit’s ace new game

After impressing us with its freemium-based Tiny Tower, NimbleBit is back with another superb offering. Pocket Planes has you controlling a tiny stretch of air space with the aim of dominating the globe. Initially you’ll start off with a handful of planes and a small number of airports, but as you level up you’ll have access to more vehicles and will be able to build more airports in new locations.

Like other freemium games, Pocket Planes revolves around real-time and currency (in this case coins and bux) but the structure of it is near perfect, so you never really feel a need to spend some additional cash. When in an airport you simply choose your cargo and drop it off at its required destination. You’ll then be notified when the plane has landed, so you can collect your precious coins and bux and continue to expand your aviation empire.

Realising that not everyone likes grinding, NimbleBit has created a clever ranking system, where you can team together with other players and compete for money by completing the most deliveries. It’s a clever touch and a further incentive to keep playing as the prizes up for grabs are pretty substantial.

Featuring the same charming 8-bit visuals that made Tiny Tower so captivating and plenty of neat touches, Pocket Planes is another great example of how to do freemium properly, and a fantastic little game in its own right. Whatever you do, don’t miss it.

Rated 5 out of 5

Delightful visuals, riveting gameplay and a clever play-vs-pay system.