Plex Review

Plex Review

Plex Review

Access music, movies and photos on your iOS or Android device thanks to Plex

While iTunes offers an adequate solution for viewing your media on your iOS device, there are a few issues with the system that makes the whole thing a little unwieldy. Limited storage and issues with incompatible files can be a real cause for frustration.

Thankfully, Plex offers a simple and brilliant solution to both of these problems. First, the service enables you to add all your media to a server on your Mac or PC, and from there you can stream it easily to any devices that are also connected to the same Wi-Finetwork. Secondly, you are able to stream any kind of file, whether they’re iPhone-friendly or not, and watch them without a hitch.

The app itself is easy to use, although if you’re new to Plex it might take a little while for you to organise your Mac or PC as your media server. Options like BBC iPlayer are present and correct, and if you add a free MyPlex subscription to your account, you can even watch movies when you’re away from your home network through the wonders of 3G or 4G.

We found quality varied hugely in our tests, and in some cases films were almost unwatchable – even when sitting still with a 3G signal – but connecting to any Wi-Finetwork will solve the issue immediately.

Still, the interface is simple and the app works brilliantly; if you’re looking for a media player to upgrade to from your current app, this is a fantastic option.

Rated 5 out of 5

A simple player that takes the hassle out of putting media on your device.