PlayStation Official App

PlayStation Official App

PlayStation Official App

An app for PlayStation owners on the move

This official app from Sony lets users access their PlayStation Network (PSN) account, see the latest news, and also view PlayStation games and peripherals. For a free app it’s useful and user-friendly, with the same layout Sony has been using on its consoles for
the past few years.

The news section lets you browse all the latest stories from, and gives you the ability to share them via email, Twitter and Facebook. The content is easy to read and quick to load, and you can search for relevant articles as well.

You can also see the latest blog posts, which serves as a nice addition with some interesting content for PlayStation owners.

There’s also the opportunity to browse through the PlayStation catalogue and get info on any game, although you can’t see any reviews yet, there’s still a whole host of software and hardware to browse through.

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘Buy’ feature for anything yet, so you can only really get information and see some pictures and video.

With the ability to log into your PSN account and view friends and Trophies, this is a useful for PlayStation owners who want to be regularly updated.

Future updates are said to include the ability to leave comments, but a ‘Buy’ option and some additional PSN functionality will hopefully be added as well.

Rated 4 out of 5

PlayStation users on the go will enjoy, but hopefully extra features are in the works.


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