Plane Finder 3D Review

Plane Finder 3D Review

See flights in 3D in real-time and soar through the skies across your iOS and Android screen

Anyone interested in seeing live air traffic will adore this app given that it presents its data in glorious 3D. Using your fingers, you can move around the terrain, see planes as they fly overhead and zoom in. Each one of those planes is in the air and it’s brilliant for when you are under a flight path and you want to know the name of the plane and where it is going.

This is achieved with a tap of the plane as Plane Finder 3D tracks more than 12,000 planes across the world. You can select to fly with the plane using the powerful 3D tools but in the course of our review we found that lower-end devices, even those that work will Jelly Bean, will struggle with the processing power needed and so your experience will not be as great. Try it and get a refund if you find this to be the case.

Being able to follow a flight on its journey in 3D and see what other planes are around is a delight and great if you know someone on the aircraft, enabling you to see where they are and their progress. Not every city is catered for but so many are (including London, Manchester and Glasgow in the UK and lots in America) and your favourite cities can be bookmarked.

The app’s tendency to freeze and some other technical problems hold it back but Plane Finder 3D does show great promise.

Rated 3 out of 5

With a powerful device, this works incredibly well and the ability to track and fly along with a plane is great.