Make your photos stand out with Pixlr-o-matic

While there are plenty of apps available that allow you to make subtle effect changes to your photographs, Pixlr-o-matic looks to have trumped them all with its sheer range of effects that have the ability to make your random snapshots look like vintage, and on occasions professional photography.

Firstly, the app looks great, giving you the impression you’re in your very own dark room, and the interface is smooth and wonderfully quick, even when you’re in the process of applying effects to your photos. The photos themselves appear in an instant, giving you the chance to swipe through them effortlessly until you find something that catches your eye. Moreover, the process of enhancing your image also turns out to be reasonably straightforward.

It’s also refreshing that Pixlr-o-matic deals with your photos first, giving you the choice of taking a photo or uploading one, rather than simply asking you to settle on your effect before choosing your image. This allows for a more enjoyable experience, as you can spend ages scrolling through effects and lighting changes as you see fit in order to observe exactly how each one alters the photo.

Of course, given all the choice that is available here, it can sometimes be hard to settle on an effect, which is why it’s great that you have the option of coming back later and editing your photos, rather than having to decide and share straight away.

As far as we can see, the only minor drawback comes in the form of sharing, as the Android version is lacking compared to iOS. Saving options for Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox are all absent, but we fully expect them all to be added, much as they already have been for the iPhone.

Rated 5 out of 5

Brilliant retro effects and the lack of a price make this one to add to the ‘essentials’ list.