Pixelmator Review

Pixelmator Review

Apple’s iPad Best of 2014 is a powerful image editor that feels like an expensive desktop app

For those who watched the Apple’s iPad Air 2 reveal, Pixelmator will be familiar to you. It was one of a handful of apps that Apple chose to showcase the power of its new tablet addition and it gained a round of applause for its ability to remove objects from images while automatically blending the background. It’s a great skill, but it’s only one of many party tricks it can pull off.

Pixelmator is a professional image editor, putting a bunch of tools and effects at your fingertips. You start by creating a project using a blank canvas or one of the many impressive templates, which range from collages, frames and cards to posters, photo techniques and vintage styles. Your image is put at the forefront with all of the various options confined to a top toolbar, each of which drops down to reveal a menu.

It’s a neat and tidy approach to photo editing, hiding an impressive feature set, central to which is the ability to paint and erase. There are different pencils, crayons, markets, inks, paintbrushes, sprays and smudges, each of which can be resized. A retouch tool lets you make jaw-dropping repairs while also letting you brighten, darken, smudge, sharpen and soften images. Red-eye can be removed and colours can be saturated or desaturated. You can set images up the way you want them and include or remove guides. It even lets you use a pressure-sensitive stylus.

Before long, you’ll be able to make even the poorest of images stand out, and if you do become stuck, there’s a solid help function to help. The developer has also made good use of the new iOS 8 features, allowing for seamless cloud integration and the importing of images from other apps. Images can be saved to iCloud Drive or the Photo Library. They can be exported immediately to another app too.

Rated 5 out of 5

There is a reason Apple showed off this app; Pixelmator is amazingly powerful and professional, for a low price.