Pixel People Review

Pixel People Review

Pixel People Review

Clones and 8-bit visuals are all part of a normal day in Utopia, the setting for Pixel People on iOS

Anyone that is familiar with either the Tiny Tower or Pocket Planes universes will instantly feel right at home with Pixel People. The colourful 8-bit graphics do a fantastic job of pulling you in and selling you the idea of the gameplay.

If you really break it down, Pixel People is in essence a fusion of sandbox and town building gaming. Here, you must build Utopia by splicing the genes of different workers in order to create new jobs. For example, putting together a doctor and a park ranger gets you a vet, but you’ll need to put together engineer and nurse first in order to get a doctor. Each new job you create comes with a new building, and filling each one with relevant employees earns you more coins. Coins then have to be used in order to buy more land so you have room for housing for new clones that arrive, which you can splice in order to get more jobs, buildings and therefore coins. And so the cycle continues.

Of course with all games of this nature there is a huge emphasis on time management and being patient. It is very easy to get sucked into the fun of trying to create new clones, but the trick here is to fill the buildings you have and increase your coin income, which will ultimately help speed up the gameplay as you can buy more land sooner. The other commodity comes from the mine you begin the game with, and is called Utopium. There are various ways you can earn more it during gameplay, and this is valuable as it can be used to cut down building or splicing times. Going back to the central theme of management, each of your business close down after a few minutes, and it’s down to you to tap the lightning icon and reactivate them and the coins they create. Combine this with the extra money and upgrades you earn from planting trees and other amenities and suddenly you find yourself in the midst of some serious town planning. Pixel People will happily take over your gaming life, if you let it.

Rated 5 out of 5

Addictive and infuriating in equal measure – you’ll be back for more.