Share your favourite moments in a unique audio-visual way

Picle attempts to sit somewhere in between photo sharing apps like Instagram and services like Audioboo by combining both pictures and sound to create atmospheric memories of places or events. It’s an odd but fairly intriguing concept to say the least, and it takes some time to get your head around how it works. But, applied in the right situation Picle could work really well as a way of sharing events and memories with family and friends.

Picle works by taking a still image using your iPhone’s camera and recording ambient sound at the same time (you can specify how long each audio clip is in the settings, with a maximum sound file length of ten seconds). The result is a ‘Picle’ and multiple Picles combine to create an audio-visual story of whatever you capture. In the right situation, such as a holiday, party or wedding, this combination of still images and ambient audio could work really well to create a lasting memory, and help those who weren’t at the event feel immersed in it at a later date. It certainly adds another dimension to regular photo slideshows.

The only real issue with Picle is that, so unique is it in its approach that it’s hard to find the right situation in which to use it. Or at least, a situation where a video or still image would do as good a – if not better – job. It could certainly work well and reach the ubiquitous heights of similar apps, but it takes some getting used to.

Rated 4 out of 5

Picle’s approach to memory sharing is certainly a unique one, but that doesn’t stop it being immersive and fun.