Photo Editor Kit Free Review

Photo Editor Kit Free Review

Photo Editor Kit Free Review

An impressive array of editing tools for iPhone without the usual price tag

Getting something for nothing is a great feeling, and when that something is so content-filled that you wonder if there’s been a mistake, you know you’re having a very good day.

Photo Editor Kit Free is just that sort of download, with an extensive amount editing tools instantly available for users to apply to any of their images. The reason for the free download becomes clear fairly early on thanks to the amount of pop-up ads there are to fight off. However, power through these and there is plenty to be excited about, with 16 different editing tools to put to use, ranging from hip filters to handy image sharpening and a light-hearted meme creator. All of these features are a tap away thanks to the simple interface Photo Editor Kit adopts – with echoes of Snapseed and Pixlr-o-Matic in the way the app looks and feels.

Once you’ve made your changes the app also supports sharing to iPhone-native locations like Facebook and Twitter – though the lack of an Instagram link is disappointing. This lack of polish alongside the ads is a telltale sign of a free app.

That isn’t to say that Photo Editor Kit Free is not worth your time. The app has more than enough features to make it worthwhile, and the clever scroll wheel function for applying effects means you can get very fine in the details.

Rated 5 out of 5

It’s not going to replace Snapseed, but this is a handy image editor to have at your disposal.