Photo Delight

Photo Delight

Hand paint some colour into your pics with this cool app

Although there are a number of apps with similar functions available within the App Store, Photo Delight nevertheless manages to score highly thanks to its ease of use, smart tools and great options.

The reasons for this success are plentifold. Firstly, its got some pretty smart styling, making the picture you load to edit look like it’s on an easel. Down the side of the interface are the tools and options.

The set up works in both landscape and portrait so you can adjust it according to the kind of picture you are editing. When you load a file from your library, you will find that it has been turned black and white, giving you the option of finger-painting the colour back into the picture.

On top of that simple system are a couple of other cool features that will enhance the treatment you can give your composition.

The first is the mask tool, which can be used to more easily view the area you are going to colourise. You also have the option of using different sized brushes for more detailed work, and you can choose between a soft or hard brush to reveal colour in a more subtle or obvious way.

With some practice, you can create some truly stunning pictures. A great, easy to use app that’s very rewarding.

Rated 4 out of 5

A very simple but effective app for those of a creative disposition. Certainly comes highly recommended.