Persona Drama

Persona Drama

Persona Drama

The ‘appisode’ arrives, and it’s getting steamy

30 Rock pioneered the idea of the ten-second internet sitcom. Everyone laughed and thought nothing of it. Now Persona, an app-based soap opera, brings us the 1.5-minute show, for real, and it’s actually not that bad.

Packed into its short episodes are enough sex, lies and intrigue to fill your interpersonal relationship drama fix while you wait for the kettle to boil.

Okay, so the storylines are predictable, relationship woe fluff, and the acting is nothing spectacular but is certainly not awful. It’s the idea of having quick bursts of drama that makes this app appealing, and the idea of bringing soap opera to the App Store is an interesting one indeed.

The app itself has a basic interface, with just a list of the latest episodes, which play in-app when you click on the instalment.

There’s also a link to Facebook and Twitter, some behind the scenes videos and the developer’s website, with character bios, meet the team and news.

Only the latest episodes stay on the app, meaning you have to watch several before you learn about the characters and on-going storylines, just like with a televised drama.

It’s hardly groundbreaking visual entertainment in the sense of its predictable, uninspired storylines, but the medium itself, and what the developer calls ‘byte-sized appisodes’ could lead the way to a different form of television altogether.

Rated 3 out of 5

The soap opera format just got smaller, but it needs to work on some original ideas before it will really hook us in.