Periscope Review: Discover live videos with Twitter’s new app

Periscope Review: Discover live videos with Twitter’s new app

Periscope Review: Discover live videos with Twitter’s new app

Broadcast your world with Twitter’s new live stream video app

Periscope is the latest app by Twitter, enabling users to stream live broadcasts via a smartphone. It integrates well with the social media service, not only requiring Twitter to log in but using it to flag up new rolling footage to followers, ensuring a good numbers of broadcasts have the chance of gaining decent audience figures.

Broadcasting takes mere seconds to set up. You tap the camera icon, give the broadcast a name and tailor the live stream to best suit your current needs. You can decide to share or hide your location or enable potential viewers to chat and leave comments. You can also opt out of tweeting about your video and you can make it a private showing.

The broadcast begins as soon you as hit the red button and continues until you swipe down. The video has to be made instantly available (you can’t schedule them for a later time and date like with its main rival, Meerkat) but when you have finished, you get the option to save what you have filmed and make it available via Periscope for 24 hours.
In the first two weeks of release Periscope attracted 120,000 users and many more have signed up since. That means there is also a lot of footage to watch and interact with. Just tap on a stream to open it up, ‘heart’ videos you like and send messages to the person filming in real-time.

This immediacy makes Periscope a winner. Other live video streaming apps have been made available in the past but Periscope makes the process more intuitive and straightforward. That said, there are some copyright and privacy concerns. It also eats up a lot of data and battery. But for budding citizen journalists or those who just want to share the moment, it is perfect.

Rated 5 out of 5

Periscope has cracked the process of recording live video and getting it straight out to the masses to enjoy.