Penny Time

Penny Time

Bringing a little rhythm action to your kick-flipping

Penny Time is not original and Penny Time doesn’t have very many levels, but that doesn’t stop it being fantastic. The premise is simple, you’re a young, hip skateboarder who must reach the end of the level by pulling off the right tricks at the right time to rack up a score and survive.

With a one-touch mechanism for each trick – up to jump, down to duck and right to leap obstacles – the interface is simple and intuitive to use. The unique art style makes the game really stand out, but more than anything it helps make it easy to follow as your boarder traverses the objects in his path.

This ties into the music of each level too, which works in tandem with the swipes of each manoeuvre to make the tracks for each stage play alongside your actions. It makes for a compelling game, and despite its limited originality, it’s still well worth playing.

With only five levels, the longevity isn’t brilliant with this one – but with increased difficulty and the need to out-score yourself, there’s certainly enough appeal to get your 69p/99 cents’ worth.

This ties into the risk/reward mechanic too, which enables you to continue building up your multiplayer or cash it all in for a safe deposit of points. You’ll need to perfect each run to survive without ever crashing if you hope to earn all of the in-game achievements.

Rated 5 out of 5

Put effort into your app and the quality will shine through – Penny Time is highly recommended.