The huge history of baseball statistics all brought together in a brilliantly designed app.

We have to admit that over in the UK it’s pretty difficult to be a great baseball fan, but certain members of the Apps Mag team have been known to enjoy a game once in a while, and so we were really rather excited to get hold of Pennant, a fantastically designed app that documents over 50 years of baseball history.

The app in wonderfully intuitive, and it feels like an interactive infographic that you may see across the internet or in a magazine.

The amount of information within the app itself is equally as astounding, with every inning of every game in every season from 1950 being documented in incredible detail.

You can search for your favourite team by flicking through cards alphabetically, by selecting it from a grid, or by scrolling around a map.

Once you have chosen the team you want to view you can flick through the years, choosing the season you want information about. From here you can view facts about the season as a whole, such as batting average and on base percentage, or select an individual game from the season.

Choose this option and you will be presented with a wheel representing the game, with bars showing each statistic. You can also view individual players’ contributions to the game, or scroll through each occurrence in each inning specifically, getting a pitch-by-pitch analysis of the game.

We can’t stress how great the interface is, and if you’re a baseball fan you’ll absolutely want to give this app a try.

Rated 5 out of 5

A beautifully presented, information-rich fact-app that baseball fans will love.