Peek Calendar Review

Peek Calendar Review

Peek Calendar Review

Make your day manageable with the Peek Calendar’s stripped back and gesture-controlled design

Square Mountain’s Peek Calendar is designed to turn the stressful chore of managing your calendar into an enjoyable experience. Leading with a minimalist design, the emphasis is on being hands-on with your calendar – literally. Swipe, press, hold and tap for a unique calendar management experience.

Peek is extremely easy to set up and use. When you launch the app for the first time, Peek offers you the opportunity to import any existing calendars on your iPhone into the app and then you’re all set to go. It’s worth mentioning here that Peek is not designed for power users – so if you juggle a high volume of appointments, this isn’t the app for you.

The main interface displays four days with a week view running across the bottom of the screen. The interface is designed to behave like an accordion – tap on a day and the appointments for that day will unfold on the screen. Swipe left from the right-hand side to access a pop-out menu with a list of gestures and fully customisable settings for the app.

Overall, Peek is a sleek-looking app, which has clearly been carefully designed with the casual calendar user in mind. If time management sends a chill down your spine, give Peek a try.

Rated 4 out of 5

Peek brings a sense of intuition and style to the task of managing your diary, so keeping on top of everything is as simple as can be.