Never miss a payday again with the extremely useful PayBook

In a world where multiple jobs or numerous pay packets aren’t out of the ordinary, it can be hard to keep track of what exactly you’re earning. Furthermore, for many of us, the paranoia that we’ve lost track of the money we’re owed is a weight on our shoulders that could easily be done away with.

PayBook is the latest app to try and combat this. Giving you access to a database where you can keep an eye on your worked hours, shifts and how much you’re owed and have already earned, it’s the presentation of it that truly excels. Whether or not it was to combat the at times tedious nature of keeping up to date with your job and finances, PayBook is lovely to both look at and use, proving to be exceptionally accessible almost instantly. It will even let you take lunch breaks into account, meaning that come pay day you’ll know exactly where you stand in terms of the money you’re owed.

Never again need you frantically re-calculate the last month when something doesn’t add up.  Currently available on iTunes for 75% off its original price of £1.99, we strongly suggest you download PayBook while you can, because the portable nature and sheer ease of PayBook makes it a worthy and definitely justifiable purchase.

Rated 4 out of 5

A simple yet useful app, PayBook serves its purpose well, and is positively pleasant to look at and interact with in the process.