Paramount 100

Paramount 100

A picture is worth a thousand words

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures’ humble beginnings. To commemorate the occasion, the studio has put together a celebration of its catalogue for iPad users. Let’s not kid ourselves; a free app from a major movie player is unlikely to be anything more than a promotional tool, and the convenient ‘Buy Movie’ button makes that true of Paramount100, but there’s enough worthwhile content to engage movie buffs.

Despite a clunky interface, the app is presented reasonably well, offering an insight into the studio’s history. The main attraction, however, is the huge database of movies, navigated via a great cover-flow style library of movie posters, taking you chronologically or alphabetically through some of the biggest movies from the last century of cinema. From It’s A Wonderful Life to Kung Fu Panda by way of The Godfather, there’s something for everybody. Each entry features production photos, movie stills and info, and for more recent movies, audio and video clips. The latter requires a Wi-Ficonnection, but the audio clips, like the images, are embedded into the streamlined 376Mb app.

Disappointingly, the film info is rather basic, and images for new films are easily found online, but the addition of a quick game of Scene It? is a pleasant surprise and well worth a play.

Rated 4 out of 5

In true Hollywood fashion, this offers style over substance, which is no bad thing.