PAPERCUT – Enhanced Reading Experience

PAPERCUT – Enhanced Reading Experience

Reading is revolutionised with this immersive literary app

PAPERCUT is aimed at changing the way in which we read and interact with stories. This innovative system presents the text in themed and ever changing environments, accompanied by sounds that immerse you further in the tales.

As a concept it’s a very interesting idea, and hopefully this is only the beginning of an app that will continue to grow in size and features.  There are three sets of prose on offer, each from an award-winning author, and with its own individual interactive reading environment  that changes and evolves as you scroll through the text.

Each story comes with its own audio files, image galleries and backgrounds that hope to capture your imagination and propel you into the story. On the whole, it’s a huge success. The themes are very engaging, in particular with Laura Dockrill’s Topple, where the scruffy drawings add character and life to the story.  The peppering of audio quotes and images helps to pace yourself, and makes it seem as if you’re doing far more than just reading. It’s this feeling that makes PAPERCUT such an intriguing idea, and one that will hopefully grow. Sometimes, all the multimedia content can be slightly distracting, but this is a minor chink in the armour of what is an otherwise fascinating and unique app.

Rated 4 out of 5

An interesting and well executed idea, PAPERCUT will help you fall back in love with reading.