Paperbag Review

Paperbag Review

Paperbag Review

Make grocery shopping less of a chore with this helpful list app

Whether you’re a student doing your own food shopping for the first time, or a harassed parent buying enough fruit and veg to feed the five thousand, one experience is universal: the horror of forgetting your list. You can spot these people in the supermarket from afar; wandering from aisle to aisle with a basket full of frivolous confectionary and an expression of growing frustration as they try to remember what it was they actually wanted.

Paperbag is an incredibly simple way to keep on top of multiple shopping lists. Say, for example, you want to cook a meal or make a batch of cocktails with a very specific list of ingredients; you can create a special list just for these items, and Paperbag will remember exactly what you bought, ready for next time. You can include quantities, and scratch each item off as you make your way around the shop.

Paperbag also helps you do your bit for the environment, by setting a reminder for each list so you won’t forget your reusable shopping bags.

Rated 5 out of 5

A simple but effective app that ensures you’ll never leave the supermarket without toilet paper again.


  • Nilesh Parmar

    Does this work across Andriod and iOS?