Papa Sangre

Papa Sangre

Papa Sangre

Get ready for a unique gaming experience that will chill you to the bone

Most games rely on visuals to provide the shocks, but Papa Sangre is different and very unique.

The premise is that you’re cast into a world of darkness and must save the soul of someone you love. However, you can’t see a damn thing and so must rely on sound to guide you through the labyrinthine world.

Using headphones for this is essential as you have to listen out for musical notes that guide the way (as well as the bassy rumblings of unsavoury creatures that you have to steer clear of) and, using a dial to point you towards them, you must alternate footsteps, slow or fast to reach your destination.

The game really stirs your imagination as your mind works overtime to create imagery to accompany the sounds of the places you traverse and, as such, the experience promises to be unique for everyone.

Scooping the award for ‘Most Innovative’ – and very rightly so – at the International Mobile Gaming Awards last week, Papa Sangre will really get under your skin and is proof enough that you don’t need fancy graphics, or hardly any graphics at all, to create a compelling gaming experience that will live long in the memory.

Rated 5 out of 5

The atmosphere this game creates with just a simple HUD and powerful sounds is amazing.