Pako – Car Chase Simulator Review

Pako – Car Chase Simulator Review

Pako is a car chase game with a trunk full of strategy

When you boot up Pako – Car Chase Simulator, there is one thing that is guaranteed – you will die. Lots. There’s a grace period of about 20 to 30 deaths before you’ll even really understand what’s going on. It’s a sadistically hard and random experience: a combination that crashes together to elicit the feeling of a genuine car chase. You’ll dodge one obstacle, only to be blindsided by another.

Between packed motorways, crumbling graveyards and hemmed-in car parks, Pako tasks you with avoiding the persistent police (and, eventually, military) forces that are dedicated to hunting you down, forcing you to think more strategically than you’d initially have assumed a game of this nature would ask you to. It’s this more thoughtful slant on the typical car-chase game that gives Pako an all-important edge over  the many competitors out there.

Pako understands that tablet gaming relies on pace and frantic action, and never lets up. The art direction is minimal enough to be eye-catching without being distracting, and the thumping soundtrack laces every chase with a tangible Hollywood feel. If your friends get in on the action, it ends up feeling like Trials – that ‘just one more go’ mentality kicks in, and the innate need to beat everyone’s record survival time (by just one millisecond) dominates all reasonable emotion.

Rated 5 out of 5

Fast, fun, furious and frenzied; it’s suited more to iPhone than the iPad, though.