Pages is a full word processor at your fingertips – but it’s not without its flaws

It makes sense for Apple to deliver the superb Pages on iPad thanks to how well the device is suited to word processing on the move.

Pages has a large, clear screen, plenty of space for a chunky on-screen keyboard and it boasts a wealth of connectivity options. When creating their first document, users are greeted with 15 preset template options to suit many needs.

Starting from scratch with a blank spread and turning it into a custom document is as simple as using Word or the OS X version of Pages, thanks to the wealth of formatting and file embedding options available.

Typing at speed is as intuitive as using a physical keyboard with no lag between input and page display. Text can be aligned, formatted, tabbed and manipulated at speed using custom toolbars at the top of the screen. Viewing pages in both portrait and landscape is superb and while landscape may give users a bigger keyboard to play with, portrait mode works just as well.

Correcting formatting mistakes is a simple case of tapping or dragging over the area of interest and hitting the Inspector tab, which then displays the full range of formatting options available for that region. Additionally, text errors can be corrected using the iPad’s native dictionary function.

Once users are happy with their finished documents, they can be saved into an on-board document folder that can also be emailed to contacts or exported to your desktop Mac or account. It’s simple and it works a treat, however, there are some glaring feature omissions that hold the Pages app back. For starters there are no character or page count trackers.

Users are also unable to print documents due to a lack of device connectivity, and finally, Pages comes without the option to track changes. Although it is missing a few key features, users are unlikely to find a more powerful word processor available for iPad. The range of features the app does offer more than justifies the price, but we expect future updates to rectify the shortcomings of this most recent build.

Rated 4 out of 5

Largely powerful, the Pages app sadly misses features that other word processors deliver as standard.


  • TITLE=Amazing app…;RATING=5;This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and intuitive applications I have come across on any platform. Clear, easy menus, a doddle to edit, and oh so beautiful paragraph reflow when inserting images. This is hard to beat. Minor niggles such as word count hardly register, as I consider the ipad as a computer that just happens to take no space at all in my bag, negligible weight, and more than powerful enough to use as a full-blown system.

    The integration with icloud then, is simply stunning. If you’re in a meeting taking notes, you don’t have to worry about saving a backup, it just does it automatically, ready for you to download and edit as a pdf, iwork, or indeed, Word document, with FULL compatibility.

    My kids use this for school work, and they already have hundreds of documents, each in their own folders, totally synced and available anywhere in the world. they can integrate into it from Dropbox, grab images from the camera or the photo roll…

    Well worth the 10 dollars (8Euros), and should be on everyone’s list…

  • ismail-taksim

    Phantastic layout and cool features but unfortunately it nearly is impossible to use Pages running on OSX Mavericks. It takes ages to copy and paste any graphics or text from a web page to your document, pages will simply block itself and whatever you are trying to accomplish. But what is even more frustrating is not being able to find a workaround this problem after weeks of online digging.