Pacemaker Review

Pacemaker Review

Pacemaker’s Spotify-powered DJ app for iPad offers endless remixing

Pacemaker for iPad is looking to turn the tables on premium DJ tablet apps such as Traktor DJ and djay 2, with Spotify integration and a pick-and-mix approach to selling effects.

Being the only DJ app that works with Spotify is a major hook for Pacemaker, giving users access to 20 million tracks – but there are caveats. As well as requiring a Spotify subscription, you can’t record or share remixes you make from the streaming service. However, Pacemaker works with iTunes, so you can record music you own, even if you’re offline.

On top of that, the app’s colourful turntable interface looks amazing. Its gesture controls are highly intuitive and multitouch, so you can mix two tracks at once – but this could still benefit from a tutorial for beginners. Professional users, on the other hand, might complain that you only have two channels and can’t cue up more than one track at a time.

Something that both casual enthusiasts and pros might both resent is that the only effect not behind a paywall in Pacemaker is an adjustable equaliser – looping, echo, reverb and other effects are sold separately. However, Pacemaker is still a fine example of how to sell in-app purchases, with detailed descriptions and a try-before-you-buy option so you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

Rated 4 out of 5

A DJ app for enthusiastic amateurs rather than pros, but has a lot of potential with customisable effects via in-app purchases.