Ottolenghi Review

Ottolenghi Review

Ottolenghi Review

Just another recipe app, or a step forward for cooking with your iPhone?

At a quick glance, Ottolenghi might not seem all that new to you; a recipe app that is built around engaging, crisp photography, with a clean interface to match. Don’t dismiss it too quickly though, because this recipe app has found some great ways to stand out in a very crowded area of the App Store.

It’s worth going through what you get for your download price – there are five main categories, including Meat, Fish, Vegetables and so on. Users can browse section by section or use the Find A Recipe function to quickly narrow down a search. It’s once you have found your way to the recipe that interests you that this app really starts to grab your attention. There are nice touches; for example, the ability to add anything from the ingredients summary to a shopping list in a tap, though this is not a feature unique to Ottolenghi.

Being able to post an image of your own attempt to social networks is a great addition here, too. The highlight though comes when you rotate your iPhone to landscape orientation when going through the steps of the recipe. Here, you can engage the Touch-Free feature to swipe between pages of the instructions by waving over your screen, and therefore avoiding bringing together mucky fingers and your device. With 52 recipes in total, and the clever touches mentioned here, Ottolenghi is  a worthwhile investment for any food lover.

Rated 5 out of 5

Photography to make your stomach rumble and functionality that helps you every step of the way – a great addition to the recipe app market.