OS MapFinder Review

OS MapFinder Review

OS MapFinder Review

Ordinance Survey’s official app on iOS and Android so you always know where you are

Users of iOS devices have been able to download maps from Ordnance Survey’s official app since early this year. Now OS MapFinder has found its way onto the Google Play Store.

The app downloads with a high-level overview map of Britain. Installation takes a while but the map is then available for general navigation when you’re offline. For more detail, you can pinch to zoom in and find the Landranger or Explorer tile for the area you need. Each tile covers a 10km by 10km section of the overview map and can be purchased and downloaded from within the app.

You can mark out potential routes and the app will calculate the distance and travel time. Routes can be shared through social networking sites, which is great if you’re organising a group outing. They can also be recorded while you travel.

But the app’s impressive features are let down by some flaky functioning. On a Samsung Galaxy Tab it failed to start several times, occasionally froze on the overview map and didn’t retain the pictures saved with routes. The Android version also has no map legends. Despite these issues, OS MapFinder is a welcome arrival on Android and with a few updates it should be an excellent tool for anyone who enjoys exploring Britain.

Rated 3 out of 5

Needs some fine-tuning to become the top destination for anyone wanting OS maps on their device.