Opinion Review: Record the next Serial with this podcast editing app

Opinion Review: Record the next Serial with this podcast editing app

Opinion Review: Record the next Serial with this podcast editing app

Record and edit your very own podcast without any technical know-how

Podcasting has been around for more than ten years and still going, with true crime story Serial recently going onto become a global phenomenon, racking up 5 million downloads worldwide and  even being syndicated by national radio stations, such as BBC Radio 4. If you’d like to produce your own podcast, but you’re not sure how, Opinion – Podcaster Recorder makes it easy.

Available for free – as long as you don’t mind limiting your podcasts to ten minutes, or for £2.99/$4.99 if you want unlimited recording – Opinion is the most user-friendly audio suite we have ever used. You are able to record anything, and then edit and trim the result. You simply scroll your audio to the spot you wish to cut from and then select where you want it to end. A new chunk is then created which can be arranged using drag-and-drop.

It’s an incredibly easy method that doesn’t become bogged down with unwanted features, making the interface clean and fast. It is also versatile: music can be added from your iTunes library, for instance, and edited in the same way as any spoken audio. When you have completed the audio process, you can then share it, sending the podcast via Message or Mail or – even better – publishing it to SoundCloud so that everyone can hear.

Some improvements could be made. While the recordings can be named, this isn’t automatic. You have to zoom on a recorded clip, tap ‘untitled’ and then rename. More annoying, the total length of the audio is displayed at the bottom of the editing screen so you have to keep scrolling down to see it. Having it permanently on the screen would be a bonus.

And yet Opinion works so well in taking the brunt out of podcast creation, making recording, editing and sharing so simple that it can be done instantly.

Rated 4 out of 5

With brilliant sound quality and fast, simple editing, Opinion may lead to an amateur podcast resurgence.