One Born Every Minute: Pregnancy Day by Day Review

One Born Every Minute: Pregnancy Day by Day Review

One Born Every Minute: Pregnancy Day by Day Review

This app from the makers of Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute covers all the basics for expectant mothers

One Born Every Minute is a Channel 4 documentary on the journey through pregnancy, and this is the tie-in app — it sticks to providing information about your pregnancy though, and there are no episode clips or interviews on offer.

What you do you get in One Born Every Minute: Pregnancy Day by Day a reasonably in-depth selection of resources you can use to chart the progress of your baby’s growth: timelines and annotated images illustrate exactly what stage you’re at, the conditions you should be looking out for and what you can expect in the future. There are reminders too for logging information about your pregnancy and setting up checkups.

The information that’s here is well-presented and undoubtedly useful for expectant mothers, though there’s a big disclaimer shown as you launch the app for the first time — you should be using it alongside advice from your doctor, not instead of.

Extras such as a weight tracker, a kick counter, a contraction timer and a doctor’s appointment book (complete with a notes section for questions you want to ask) all add to the appeal of the app, and if you do have a baby on the way then £2.49 isn’t much to part with considering the wealth of material that you get. There’s even a checklist for heading to the hospital when the time comes.

Rated 4 out of 5

Plenty of useful information for mums-to-be to pour over– and it's all elegantly presented as well.