Can this app keep you from firing up the laptop?

We all know that the iPad has huge potential, and that the allure of touch input has prompted all kinds of innovative ways to do some of the things we’ve been doing on normal computers for decades.

The Omni Group is guilty of getting caught up in this wave of enthusiasm, and has created a very cool graph creation tool called OmniGraphSketcher. The app has a handful of templates and a decent sized toolset, and will let you create all kinds of graphs using your finger to input and draw the details.

The system works well, and in a lot of ways the process makes sense. You can easily draw lines across axis, add text to any area of the screen, and even play around with the colour of the canvass and the thickness of the lines on screen.

Despite all this, the big question is whether you can use this to replace your home computer and the software you would normally use? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Without the ability to import figures or automatically generate any part of the graph, life becomes a little more difficult.

Not to mention that if you aren’t particularly nimble with your finger tips you may struggle to get things moving at any kind of pace, which is a real shame because this app has massive potential.

Rated 4 out of 5

Despite being a very clever app, sadly this cannot yet trump an actual desktop computer.