OMGuitar Advanced Synth Guitar

OMGuitar Advanced Synth Guitar

We get our fingers on the hottest new musical app

One of many synthesisers available in the App Store, OMGuitar is slightly different to the rest in that it is designed to retain the crucial human element that can fill music with feeling.

The strings on the virtual guitar are sensitive to so many different types of interaction, not just tapping and strumming, but also note bending and muting.

Importantly, the app can also distinguish the speed and rhythm with which you strum the strings, allowing you to attach your own personality onto the performance.

Actually playing the app as though it’s an instrument inevitably feels a little tricky at first. It’s obviously not played entirely like a real guitar, but nether is it a simple synthesizer that you can play by just pushing buttons.

Instead, it’s intended that the iPad be held in the lap so that one hand can freely strum, while the other grips either the top or bottom of the screen in order to manipulate the chord buttons on the screen. It does take a little getting used to, but eventually becomes second nature.

In terms of features, OMGuitar is very flexible. There are six different types of simulated guitars to choose from, half electric and the other half acoustic, while ten in-built effects, such as distortion or phaser, allow for further customisation.

Naturally, the app allows you to record in .wav format and save directly to iTunes, while full MIDI support is promised for a future update. Other than that, the only way OMGuitar can possibly be improved. More guitar types, more effects and so on. All of which will come with time.

As it stands, OMGuitar is the best guitar synthesizer on the App Store. But who is it designed for? It’s certainly a fun novelty if approached as a distracting digital toy, but the high price almost pushes the app out of the range of most dabblers.

As a serious musical synthesizer program, the price is a bargain and we’ve heard from many musicians who agree and have regularly used the app for composing and even recording. And who are we to disagree?

Rated 5 out of 5

An impressive app that even allows players to add their own expression.