Olson Recipe Maker

Olson Recipe Maker

Olson Recipe Maker

Create meals based on those random items in your fridge

We’ve all been in this situation; you get in late and fancy a snack, only to open the fridge and find that the four things in there have never been near each other on a plate. This could become a thing of the past with the arrival of the Olson Recipe Maker app for iPhone.

The app is designed to take the items you input from around your kitchen, and give you ideas for dishes you could create with some additional touches. Be warned, though; this app can be easily misinterpreted in the App Store as an instant meal generator for the five things you have lurking at the back of your fridge. It’s not, but what it will do is try and inspire you into cooking something different, using what you have as the foundation.

As well a functioning as a food database, the Olson Recipe Maker does well, with the entire supermarket and beyond covered in terms of food items. Additionally, the app is organised very well in the sense that once you have a recipe, you can quickly add the ingredients you don’t have to a shopping list, with any video tutorials  related to the dish being displayed at the bottom of the recipe.

At the back-end of the process then, the app is unquestionably very strong, but it’s the slight confusion when it comes the initial generating process that holds it back from being great.

Rated 4 out of 5

There is potential for this to be a very good app once it’s found its full identity.


  • TITLE=Great foodie app;RATING=5;This app offers meal ideas yes, but I really love the videos. Step by step instructions on how to make pizza dough, pesto and many other basic kitchen tips that are invaluable to know. I love it.

  • Viscount Wilhelm

    Great review! I’ve been using Qollector which allows me to customize my layout exactly the way I want – including pictures and video for every recipe. I like to perfect my cooking over time and keep notes. It’s free for the iPad. It allows me to share via web, email etc. My mom and I have been swapping recipes.