Oh! Edo Towns

Oh! Edo Towns

Oh! Edo Towns

The Game Dev Story guys go to medieval times

Don’t let the fact that the title doesn’t end with the word ‘Story’ fool you – Kairosoft may have decided to ditch its common suffix for whatever reason for this, yet another odd direction in which to push its familiar blend of hour-devouring resource management, but it’s still every bit as engrossing as anything else the studio offers. While it might not have the instant appeal of Game Dev Story, Oh! Edo Towns more than makes up for this shortcoming in pure depth.

Almost Sim City-esque in its rags-to-riches set-up, Oh! Edo Towns sees you put in charge of the management and finances of an aspiring feudal Japanese settlement. Build new houses to attract residents, place landmarks to boost productivity, and cultivate the land to maximise income and show yourself to be a self-sufficient unit. It’s a great twist on the firm’s usual formula, and one that plays out at just the right pace to be constantly rewarding but never overbearing.

The oceans of stats and ridiculous potential of the Yield system (which governs how various facilities interact, in addition to designated beneficial combos for you to discover) mean this is not something to enter into lightly. But like all of Kairosoft’s games, this is worryingly addictive, and although there are games in the talented studio’s catalogue that will better appeal to the mindsets of many gamers, this is still a complex and scarily deep management game. There might be a more appropriate game for you in Kairosoft’s eclectic library, but there won’t be one with such complexity and attention to detail.

Rated 4 out of 5

We’d rather run a feudal town in Japan than a cruise liner, that’s for sure.