Nutty Fluffies Review

Nutty Fluffies Review

Nutty Fluffies Review

Thrill rides and cuddly animals, it’s Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster for iOS and Android

You can’t beat the thrill of a roller coaster – and thanks to the well-tuned physics system on display in Nutty Fluffies it is possible for users to get a real taste of it whenever they want. The game is based around swipe controls that you use to add or take away momentum to the carts on various roller coasters, the aim being to guide your passengers safely to the end of the track. These are a selection of cute and cuddly animals of course, since it wouldn’t be nutty without them.

There are hearts to collect along the way, and these are converted into coins come the end of each level. Coins are then used to buy more carts and unlock more tracks. It’s a sound and smart ecosystem that is almost surprisingly sophisticated when you compare it to the wackiness of the game. You can’t help but notice how engaging and performance-driven it is, with users having to repeat levels plenty of times, honing skills in order to earn the coins needed to progress. There’s a real feel of long-term benefit to playing this game – and that is always a good thing.

The other highlight of this game is just how good the physics actually are. Subtle over or under estimations have a huge impact as the heavier rear end of your cart pulls your train in different directions. There’s a great balancing act to be mastered in this game, and we wholeheartedly suggest you give it a go.

Rated 5 out of 5

Has the wackiness to draw you in, but the brains to then keep you playing again and again.