Numerical: Calculator Without Equal Review

Numerical: Calculator Without Equal Review

Numerical: Calculator Without Equal Review

Numerical for iPhone rethinks what a calculator needs to be

The killer feature of Numerical: Caulculator Without Equal is its omission of the ‘equals’ key. Instead, as you tap in your sum, it calculates in real time and shows the answer automatically. The sum, in full, is written beneath the main numerical display so you can check it and amend it. And, even better, each of your sums (or questions, as the app likes to call them) are stored so you can look back over them for reference.

It is easy to undo and redo any errors or mistaken deletions by simply swiping at the main display and you can also use scientific notations for more demanding calculations. You can also cut and paste equations and have Numerical strip away any non-math elements.

The app works best if you keep things simple, though, with additions, subtractions, division and multiplications. If you try and perform the mathematically impossible, it will tell you where you are going wrong but it won’t allow you to use advanced maths. There are no extra functions if you turn the iPhone into landscape.

But having that ability to check a sum in progress and see the answer instantly made perfect sense to us, not only in cutting out an unnecessary keypress but in allowing us to make sure we were inputting correctly and it is this that we found most appealing. A winner.

Rated 4 out of 5

Lurid in colour but taking the calculator and simplifying it even further, Numericals adds up well.