Notability Review

Notability Review

Notability Review

New to iPhone – Create notes containing text, drawings, photos and audio

At first sight, Notability looks like a simple note-taking app, but it is actually far more sophisticated and powerful than you might expect. In fact, in some ways it is like a little desktop publishing package in the palm of your hand.

Categories can be created and these enable you to organise notes by subject, project, date, content or whatever suits your preferences. Select a category and you can create a new note. It is all quite  straightforward, with all text entered in the usual fashion via the keyboard.

However, there are lots of extra features to be found if you dig a little deeper. Long press on the note and you can create a text box. The box limits the width of the text and allows it to be placed in any position on the page. A palette icon displays text formatting options such as colour, font, size, heading, body and quote styles, bullet points and many more.

Tap the ‘t’ at the top and a palette of tools is displayed and the camera enables you to take a photo or select one from an album like the Camera Roll or Photo Stream. Text can flow around photos and you can create a magazine-style page with neatly arranged text, images and text boxes. There is even the ability to record audio and store it in your notes. A recent update means Notability also now syncs across all iOS devices and iCloud. Third-party services like Google Drive and Dropbox are also supported.

Rated 5 out of 5

This is the ultimate note-taking app. It is powerful, flexible and now syncs across all of your iOS devices