Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo

Get healthy with this cookbook app that’s full of fantastic features

Paleo offers a different diet option, for those wanting to return to a more healthy way to eat. The recipe ideas within the app all stem from what the primitive humans we evolved from would’ve eaten, and shuns the creations of the modern diet, including non-natural sugars and grain-based food. There are no completely solid rules, with the app making clear that you can eat things like butter and carbohydrates if you like.

The app itself allows you to view over 50 included recipes, with other packs of recipes available for purchase within the app. These are all represented with mouth-watering photos of the finished dishes that you can flick through with a finger. Each recipe has photographs of each step of the cooking process, along with instructions. A recipe card is also available to view, including information on the cooking time, and the ingredients and equipment needed. It’s presented beautifully, with everything clearly labelled and set out well.

You can add individual ingredients to a shopping list that can be emailed to another device or printed to take shopping with you – it’s a great and genuinely useful feature. Save favourites to view quickly later, and view plenty of information about the Paleo diet for those that aren’t familiar with it. Some of the recipes are a little strange, but there’s plenty of variation and options to expand into your favourite areas with the in-app purchases.

Rated 4 out of 5

Brilliantly designed, but if you’re not interested in the diet it may not appeal.


  • TITLE=Nom Nom Paleo;RATING=5;Just have to say, that you don’t have to be paleo to love these recipes. They are all delicious and easy to make!