Night Sky 2 Review

Night Sky 2 Review

Night Sky 2 Review

Become an astronomer and discover the wonders of the universe

On a dark and cloudless night it is amazing to look up at the sky and see all the stars. More than a thousand can be seen with the unaided eye, but how many can you name? The planets can be seen too, but which way do you look?

Night Sky 2 will tell you. It has several view modes, but the most interesting and useful is the one that uses the iPhone’s compass and gyroscopes to work out which way you are pointing it. Just hold it up to the sky and it draws exactly what you see and labels all the major stars, planets and constellations.

In addition, the app has a futuristic augmented reality view in which the stars are overlaid on top of a live camera image. This is very useful and is just the type of tool that will come in very handy for the amateur astronomer.

You can also use the search function. For example, simply enter ‘Mars’ and follow the arrow on the screen to bring the planet into view. Lots of satellites are included and can be toggled on and off. A particularly useful Stargazing Weather screen shows which nights will give the best views over the next week. There is also information on stars and planets and a news feed providing information for the month. While the weather forecast screen certainly is a nice touch, the app feels lacking with too many unlabelled stars. It just leaves you wishing the app provided some more information for detailed stargazing.

Rated 3 out of 5

Night Sky 2 is a good start for astronomy rookies, but there are better apps available that provide users with more detail.