Three taps away from Robocop

Now that we’ve successfully moved beyond ‘portable’ DVD players and towards streaming films, those who are after ways to indulge their hobby away from their sofa have a few options in iTunes and LOVEFiLM. So what does Netflix bring to the increasingly competitive arena? Ease of use, that’s what. Streaming films on your iPad with just a few taps isn’t just convenient; it feels like borderline magic.

In all honesty, there’s no clear reason for you to fail to grasp how the user interface works. The log-in screen is simple, leading to a browsing menu, which offers immediate playback of films at a decent resolution. The menus are dominated by massive thumbnails, a one-tap rating system hones in on what you want to see after each film with eerie accuracy, and a single monthly subscription fee of £5.99. Netflix is geared towards being incredibly easy to use, and it succeeds in almost every regard.

The only real drawback is a weakness that is shared with its rival apps – the limited selection of content. If you want to watch films that have tumbled fresh off the DVD presses, then you’ll be disappointed, and it’s an issue that the abundance of older material doesn’t cover up. It’s a problem that could end up being slowly massaged into irrelevance as more deals are signed and content is unlocked, but nevertheless, for now it’s a problem that keeps Netflix away from a perfect rating.

Rated 4 out of 5

Hugely convenient and highly impressive, it’s a shame the films on offer let the app down