NASA Visualization Explorer

NASA Visualization Explorer

NASA’s biggest exploration to date – the app market

NASA Visualization Explorer provides an eye-catching and unique insight into one of the world’s most famous agencies. The app basically serves as a news outlet for all of NASA’s space-based Earth science research. You’ll be blown away by the images presented to you, and feel as if your iPad is displaying what must surely be classified research. But what’s happening is that the app is delivering you cutting-edge research stories in a brilliantly engaging way.

Each story comes with a selection of multimedia clips which add to the initial text and image you see on the home screen. You never fully leave this screen when using the app, which is great help when it comes to navigation, and so impressive given the amount of information and complex scientific research that is presented to you.

You move through the different stories either by swiping, or by using the bottom menu tab to select the story you’d like to view. Each individual update comes with an attention-grabbing title image, and one tap of the up arrow will reveal the full text as well as the real stars and additional graphics. These range from satellite images to CGI reconstructions and thermal images, all giving you a better idea of what is being discussed. They really are very helpful considering how hard the science is to follow on occasions. There is even the odd light-hearted skit to ease the brain ache.

The bulk of the stories focus on how NASA goes about using its various spacecraft to monitor the Earth’s changing atmosphere, but some of the images and related media of the Sun are the most breathtaking within the entire app. Should you want to share anything, you see, you can do so with one tap, and there’s no reason why these stories shouldn’t be shared, given just how cool they are.

In the form of NASA Visualization Explorer, NASA has provided us all with a rare and unique insight into its work, and it’s an opportunity that should not be missed. The fact that this is a free app could be even more astounding than the science within it.

Rated 5 out of 5

Cool, engaging and free. There is no reason not to download this app.