A free app from NASA that’s out of this world

This official app from NASA offers users an almost overwhelming amount of content for nothing and covers everything from space and the universe to NASA and its various missions.

Launch the app and you’ll be greeted by the NASA Launch Schedule and an A-Z list of current NASA missions. The layout on the main screen is similar to the iPhone’s Contacts app, making it incredibly easy to navigate.

Everything from the Hubble Space Telescope to the International Space Station is listed and clicking on an entry will give you more details about it.

Each listing comes with an introduction and facts about the mission, with one of the coolest features being the ability to check the current location and path of missions via Google Maps.

There are also gorgeous images of space taken from the missions and videos and interviews from the excellent NASA TV, while there are pleasingly regular news updates and you can even find out how long missions have been in orbit for. It really does give a remarkable insight into the workings of NASA and its various missions.

It would be wrong to keep your newfound knowledge to yourself so sharing it has been made very simple and can be done through Facebook and Twitter or via email.

For a free app, the amount of content on offer here is incredible, so much so that we would almost be happy to pay for it.

Rated 5 out of 5

A great app packed full of valuable information.