Because actually learning to play a real instrument is so last century…

Though the act of curling footballs around cardboard cut-out defensive walls may provide hours of entertainment, apps such as Nanostudio remind you of exactly the kind of science fiction future in which we now all live.

Comprising an entire recording studio inside your pocket, it comes complete with four virtual analogue synths, 16 effects-laden trigger pads, a sequencer, mixer and myriad effects. All of which, naturally, offer musical powers beyond the wildest dream of your average person on the street.

Besides its basic features outlined above, users can enter samples via either the microphone or any PC or Mac, using a small utility program that enables wi-fi sharing with the app. Once complete, your work can be outputted in similar fashion, and then mixed into a high-quality .wav file for playback and general embarrassment.

Though the world of audio editing is fraught with jargon, its in-built help suite will guide even the most clueless of novices along the way to musical stardom. As will incredibly ergonomic design, given the potential complexity involved with cropping small samples of audio into various rhythmic shapes.

Overall then, despite a high price point, Nanostudio becomes a compulsory purchase for any music lover.

Rated 5 out of 5

Nanostudio is a vastly impressive program offering audio mixing first and portability second.