In the market for a used car or just fancy seeing how much yours is worth? The MyCarCheck app does all your wheeling and dealing

If you’re buying a secondhand car, then spending a few pounds on this app could save you years of grief and a lot more money.

Start by entering the registration number of the car you’re interested in and after a quick search you’re told the make, model, colour, engine size, body style, year of manufacture and more. If the information marries with the vehicle you see in front of you, it’s possible to further investigate it.

Check the history for £2.99 to see if it’s been stolen, an insurance write off , registered as scrapped or any other signs that mean you should steer well clear. And if the listed mileage seems too good to be true, a further £2.99 will bring up records from the DVLA, garages and dealers that will reveal if it’s been around the clock.

In the current climate the most important tool will be the Valuation Check. Type in the mileage and for and extra £1.79 you’ll discover forecourt, private sale, trade in and auction prices for the vehicle. Not only good for seeing if you’ve got a bargain, you’ll also be able to tell your insurance agent your car’s value and reduce your premiums.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great tool if you’re going to buy a second-hand car out of the paper or from the internet.