My Writing Desk for iPad

My Writing Desk for iPad

Express yourself without any distractions using this clutter-free word processor

Although Pages is a brilliant word processor, some may find it a little expensive, while others may find that there is just too much screen clutter. Last year, an app called iA Writer was launched which de-cluttered the screen and acted as a simple text editor, enabling writers to jot down their thoughts with clarity. My Writing Desk for iPad treads a similar path.

You can make use of the large writing area, which allows you to tap away without any distractions. To ensure that you don’t have to keep checking menus, the keyboard is designed so that functions such as ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ and tabs are all close to hand. It also displays a constant word and character count – again, negating the need to trawl through menus. Given its basic looks, it actually packs quite a punch. You can turn on auto-spell checking if you wish (it is turned off by default; spell checking, it surmises, slows you down). It is also possible to search through your text and save documents into folders which can be reordered to suit your own workflow preferences. As well as all this, there’s an autosave function for peace of mind.

This pushes My Writing Desk beyond the realm of a simple text editor. Being able to export via email or PDF and print your document would be expected – having documents open in iBooks, Dropbox and Evernote less so. You can even sync with Google Docs. It’s a wonderful offering.

Rated 5 out of 5

The efficiency of this app means you can focus on the task in hand.