My Movies For iPhone Pro

My Movies For iPhone Pro

My Movies For iPhone Pro

If you’re big into movies then this app allows you to catalogue, comment and trade

My Movies is something of a multi-tool for film lovers. Primarily, it’s a scanner that lets you take a snapshot of any DVD barcode in your collection, which then brings up a host of stats, history and media to do with that title.

Once scanned, users can add a title to their online collection, gaining instant access to the film’s running time, actor profiles, trailers and links to the movie’s IMDB profile.

You can then choose to state whether the DVD is for keeps, for sale or for trade with other My Movies members. Think of it as an eBay system for movie lovers and you’re on the right track.

First off, the scanner works incredibly well, taking mere seconds to log each film, however, it should be made clear that we found this will not work with all TV boxsets.

There are options to notify the My Movies moderators of any barcodes that don’t work, with a pledge that they will add it to their database within 48 hours. This aside, the scanner is a superb piece of tech that makes logging your collection a breeze.

Once users amass a huge list of films, they can catalogue them as they wish and search through them using a variety of filters. From individual movie pages, users can loan the film to other users in the community, serving as a swap shop for those seeking new movies.

The ‘persons’ tab will keep a record of all actors in the films you own, linking through to their biography, work history and a rundown of all the movies you own that he or she appeared in. ‘Releases’ leads you to a forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray release schedule, while ‘Coming Soon’ takes you to a calendar of new cinema releases that are on the horizon, which are again linked to online profiles.

Rated 5 out of 5

If you’re a film buff and want to join a community passionate about the medium, you can do no better.