My Culinary Encyclopedia Review

My Culinary Encyclopedia Review

My Culinary Encyclopedia is your new kitchen Bible, safely stored on your iPad

Bringing your iPad into the kitchen is something that more and more of us are inclined to do, thanks to the increasing functionality of what started out as simple recipe apps. These days they do much more in order to get noticed; hands-free page navigation, for example.

This is perfectly typified by My Culinary Encyclopedia, which is, in essence, a digital version of Michelin star chef Alain Ducasse’s no doubt extensive notebook, the sort of thing any budding or wannabe chef would be aching to get hold of. In terms of content this app is hugely impressive, with five key areas that are seamlessly linked together, ranging from a produce section, which is essentially a glossary of ingredients, working up to exquisite dishes that come complete with full recipes and preparation guides. The interface is clean and modern, and the functionality has a similar polish to it, with the links between sections providing valuable information as you need it, rather than expecting you to trawl the app looking for it. Tap on a dish and a short description appears, providing more details, and a swipe left then pulls in the ingredient list, which has a Share option so you can email or message the list to yourself for a trip to the shops later.

Another swipe and you have a step-by-step guide on how to create the dish in question. There’s a smaller black window, which shows you which section of the text you’re currently looking at, and this is interactive so you can scroll down faster. Within the enlarged text on the left that takes you through each step, key words, ingredients and processes are highlighted, and this again points to interactivity. Tap one of the terms, and you get the aforementioned hi-res image and description of an ingredient, an instructional video of a process, or a definition of a culinary term from the glossary. All of these sections are available to be browsed individually, but the real joy and experience comes from using them together as one to make the ultimate reference guide when in the kitchen.

Rated 5 out of 5

Does a very good job of making a huge amount of info feel incredibly accessible.