Musyc Review

Musyc Review

Musyc Review

Music making and great visuals come together in the name of sound creation

There is such an array of music creation apps available today that iOS devices could well be described as fully fledged musical instruments when running certain apps. Musyc isn’t as serious as some, but there is plenty of intelligence hidden within the colourful and initially casual feeling that comes from playing with this app.

The basic premise is to create environments by drawing them out using the line tool and then drop in different shapes, each one representing a different style of sound. This is where physics comes into it, as the way you drop in each shape directly influences your beat and rhythm. Drop something in from a height and it will keep that momentum and bounce, flying around your design and registering a beat each time it makes contact with a surface.

The position it lands in also affects the note that is played, and this is before users can begin to play around with each shape, editing the sound in the mixer settings. The scope for creativity is pretty huge given that you can start a new song with a near-blank screen, and create what you like, as well as edit the app’s pre-exisiting templates as you see fit.

Musyc looks and feels like an app for experimentation more than serious creation, but should you stumble across something quite good, Musyc allows you to record and export your sounds to the likes of Dropbox, SoundCloud and even to your iTunes folder. It’s enormous fun to play with and explore the various different sounds. With the option of making it look visually appealing as well, this app is not to be missed.

Rated 5 out of 5

A wonderfully engaging and easy-to-use music creation app with seemingly endless possibilities.