Can MPme replace the NME?

MPme provides users with a ‘curated radio’ service, suggesting new streams based on iTunes libraries and previously listened-to stations. As has become increasingly popular, MPme also recommends content based on your friends’ listening habits, via extensive social media integration. As a way to browse myriad internet stations, MPme is robust, with track-list, station and artist information available at a tap of the visually led interface. The UI comes into its own when pulling in artist info like biographies, images and YouTube links from sources such as MPme also features a quick-buy button which takes you to iTunes when you happen across something you’re willing to pay for. That’s mostly dependent on what MPme throws at you – in our case it was mildly disappointing, offering up either broadly similar or disparately different content compared to our tastes. Whether you find such eclecticism of interest will depend on your music taste.

Rated 4 out of 5

It doesn’t add much to the field of music content aggregation but MPme is certainly solid enough to recommend.