MotoHeroz HD

MotoHeroz HD

Rally racing and platforming shouldn’t mix… but it turns out they do

MotoHeroz HD comes from RedLynx, the critically acclaimed developer of the iOS smash DrawRace 2, and is an intriguing blend of platforming and physics-based racing. Each of the 30 tracks on offer in this title are spread across six themed worlds, ranging from sun-scorched canyons to lush forests. The aim of each track is to win the race against two ghost cars – which are based on the attempts of two other players online.

A word of warning though, these are far from straightforward race tracks. You must strike a delicate balance between speed and tilting the weight of your vehicle to ride over jumps and bumps, as well as spinning around loop-the-loops and other hazards of varying difficulty.

As you make your way around the tracks, you must collect coins that go towards upgrading your vehicle, and obtain power-ups to give you an advantage in each race. For example, jetpacks will help you climb to high areas, while springs let you perform big jumps on demand. Using these items at the right time can mean the difference between a good time and a record time so it’s worth honing your technique with these bonuses.

While fundamentally simple, MotoHeroz suffers slightly from a harsh difficulty curve. You will need to retry stages over and over again until you get all three possible stars, and as stars are needed to unlock new tracks, we found that progression often felt a little stunted.

However, the constant challenge of global times, diverse range of environments and simple controls will be appealing to many; just don’t expect an easy ride.

Rated 4 out of 5

Infuriatingly hard in places, but otherwise another high-octane triumph from RedLynx that’s well worth its price tag.